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The Deaf Duck
Little Soad never seems to listen. After he falls into a deep hole, the other ducklings discover why. They create a new way for Soad to listen, but not with his ears.
Maurice the Postman
Maurice is Cheeseville's favorite postman. Each day he delivers mail to house numbers 1 through 5. Today he has nothing to deliver to house 5, but Mr. Gouda has a surprise for him!
The Seagull of Venice
Marco is a seagull who thinks the city of Venice almost as beautiful as he is! After a little mishap that damages his beak, Marco must decide if he is still as beautiful as he was.
Gabriela first beach time
Gabriela loves going to the beach. In this book, she remembers the fun and surprises she experienced on her very first trip to the beach.
Roy the curious penguin
A little penguin named Roy wonders if anyone lives across the water. He hears noises coming from the other side one night, and is determined to discover who is living there.
Misha Fire Truck
Misha has a brand-new toy fire truck that he loves to play with. On a mission to rescue Mouse from the top of a block tower, Firefighter Teddy discovers how special the new fire truck really is!
Sleepy bunny
Poor little Bunny didn't sleep well last night! He tries to make it through his day in this rhyming book, but he is just so sleepy!
Corcho and Mati Play Soccer
Mati loves soccer! He wishes he could play soccer with his horse Corcho, but Corcho can't kick the ball. Corcho wants Mati to be happy, so he plans a way to play with Mati that is sure to work!
Mistery Island
Paco is a young pirate who wants to prove that an old legend is true. Mystery Island has never been found, but Paco is sure that his map will help him become the famous pirate who discovers it.
Thabo returns to the village with the great lion Ngo-nyama at his side. But before his father, the king, accepts the lion into the tribe, he asks Ngo-nyama to perform a special task to earn the king's respect.
Cat's Crooked Tail
Cat has a crooked tail. The other cats laugh at it, making Cat very sad. But one day Cat's friend takes him on a special trip to see a tower that is famous because it is crooked, just like Cat's tail!
What does Ben want to be he grows up
When little Bibi asks her brother Ben what he wants to be when he grows up, Ben can't decide. There are lots of jobs, but none seem right for him. Perhaps Papa can help!
Princess Penelope
Princess Penelope, Dino Dragon, and Fergie Fairy are playing outside when it begins to rain. They rush home, but poor Dino gets sick. Penelope wants to help him, but a sneezing dragon can be dangerous!
Agata and the world of dreams
Agata can't sleep. As she lies in bed, she remembers how a black dot led her to Carnival. She springs out of bed to draw a chalk door on the wall, hoping it will lead her to the world of dreams!
The Phantom Ship
Roy is visiting her uncle in Michigan. She loves hearing him tell stories, especially about sneaky pirates on Lake Superior. But she never expects to find a shipwreck on the bottom of the lake. Could it be a ship from her uncle's stories?
Lucas and the Thanksgiving play
Lucas is learning all about the first Thanksgiving at school. When Mrs. Clark announces that the class will perform in a Thanksgiving play, Lucas is thrilled. He can't wait to perform!
Captain Nir sails away
Nir is not like other children. He loves bedtime because he knows he'll hear a story! Nir can't wait to discover what adventure he'll have tonight when Father reads a brand-new book.
En en wants to be an acrobat
After seeing a Chinese acrobatic show, En En wants to learn how to be an acrobat, too. She hurries home to try all the acts that she saw in the show, but being an acrobat is harder than it seems!
Vasya, Masha and the kitten in the trunk
Vasya and Masha need a passenger for the train they built, so Vasya fetches his kitten to ride in it. But kittens are not toys! Vasya and Masha learn the responsibilities of being pet owners in a difficult way.
Leo and the Colosseum
Leo is excited to go to the Colosseum in Rome with his grandpa. When they get there, Leo daydreams about what ancient Roman life would be like for him.
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